About us

The Lithuanian Horse Breeders’ Association

The Lithuanian Horse Breeders’ Association (hereinafter: the ‘LHBA’) was founded in 1993 and is a voluntary society of natural persons and legal entities breeding horses of various breeds. The LHBA is a non-profit legal entity. Under Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001 on Recognising Associations as Breeding Institutions, the LHBA was granted the status of a breeding institution and given the right to implement a breeding programme, to maintain the herd-book of Lithuanian Riding Horses (hereinafter: the ‘LRH’). The LHBA engages in the breeding of LRH and other pony and equidae which are bred in Lithuania but do not fall within the competence of the associations engaged in breeding of other breeds. The LHBA renders services for horse breeders and horse keepers related to horse breeding and identification.

In 2000, the LHBA on the basis of the experience and practice of horse breeders of other countries decided to introduce a breed of LRH comprising the majority breeds of riding horses which are kept in Lithuania and which are suitable for the modern classical type of sport horse. The said breed was planned to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

Lithuanian Riding Horses are characterized by versatility and are able to be used in various equestrian disciplines (showjumping, dressage, driving, eventing and endurance).Wide possibilities of they usage show their results in national and international competitions, as well as participation in World Championship.

At present, more than 70 Lithuanian horse breeders are engaged in the introduction of the breed of Lithuanian Riding Horses.

A programme for selection of the said breed was prepared. Rules for assessment of LRH were drawn up. 228 breeding mares were chosen for breeding and 68 stallions were licensed for mating. The meeting of the LHBA members in 2002 decided to recognize as suitable for being used in breeding of LRH the licensed studs of the breeds of saddle horses owned by other associations of horse breeders or kept abroad, where such horses correspond to the classical type of sport horses. In this way, a large gene pool is guaranteed, allowing avoiding the inbreeding.

The LHBA organizes assessment of replacements, examination of foals and equestrian sports events – tests.

In 2017 LHBA became member of World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).